Some families can’t help being talented. Like the CIX range from Toshiba: a family so talented, it meets just about every business communications need. Because CIX combines Digital and IP, you enjoy the best of both technologies. Because CIX is made for growth, it’s easy to add new end-points. Because it’s from Toshiba, CIX rocks your world.

Whatever you need – well, CIX does it. CIX does smart things that make your life easier: like recording calls directly to your mailbox, at the touch of a button. CIX does smart things that delight customers: like web chats, for those times your call centre staff are maxed-out. CIX does smart things for your confidence.Which is exactly what you’d expect, with a market-leading system.

Discover cix


CIX is one of the world’s most popular business phone ranges and is 100% NBN ready. In other words: future-proofing comes as standard.


CIX loves a good chinwag – which is why Integrated Voicemail boasts Text-To-Speech, Speech Recognition, and Interactive Voice Response.


With My Phone Manager, users can program their own handsets from the office PC. It’s whizz-kid stuff, made simple.


Personalisation? It’s the key to business. With FeatureFlex, you can modify almost any features on your CIX system – and even create new ones.


With CIX, even small businesses can enjoy big call centre benefits – like Automatic Call Distribution, and Call Monitoring and Recording.


With advanced survivability, redundancy, and back-up features, CIX sets the standard for protecting your phone system.



Thanks to industry-leaders Toshiba, the CIX family is as big as it is clever. There’s a platform for every niche. An application for everything that matters. Nifty new handsets, if you like that kind of thing. And the end result? CIX grows as you grow, adds features as you need them, and transforms your performance – long into the future.


We get it: your business is one-of-a-kind. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t want CIX. And because you’re unique, you need adaptability. That’s why CIX adapts to every Toshiba IP telephone. And every SoftIPT soft phone. Not to mention scores of IP telephones, add-on modules, attendant consoles, SIP telephones, analog telephones, Toshiba digital telephones… Well, it’s like we said: we get it.