Strata CIX100

Toshiba’s new powerful and durable CIX100 enables you to decide when to embrace the new IP technology and make a phased entry into the telephony protocol you need in the future. The design of the Toshiba CIX range allows You to mix and match IP, digital and analogue handsets or use all IP handsets depending on your unique needs.

Modular in architecture. Scalable in design. The CIX100 lets you combine CO lines, handsets, and peripherals in any configuration – and the ability to expand your system as you grow. The CIX100 has been engineered to provide all the advanced features developed from years of R & D – to small and medium business enterprises



cix 100

Key Features

• CIX is 100% NBN compatible
•Expand up to 112 Ports – and even more by networking multiple systems.
•Full customisation of all handsets is available to every user utilising the integral “MyPhone Manager” personal administration tool. This is achieved simply by using the web browser.
• Enjoy the convenience of making simple and day to day system program changes on the CIX100 using the integral “E-Manager” Software.
• Take advantage of remote user telephone connectivity that allows you to communicate seamlessly with customers, business partners and colleagues with exceptional cost-efficency
• Utilise the sophistication of the Toshiba Voice Processing that provides Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, and Unified Messaging, all of which can be centralised by using the Strata Net IP Networking.
• Enjoy the powerful ACD/MIS call centre features. These include Priority and Skills Based Routing, IVR, Intelligent Announcements, and ACD reporting for all high performance contact centre operations.
• Connect your telecommunications to your data base using the server based Computer Telephony Integration