Strata CIX40

The CIX40 telephone system gives your business the ability to easily and professionally handle calls, enhance employee productivity, please customers, and plan for future growth. The CIX40 is the ideal solution for small or new start-up companies, or small branch offices of a larger distributed organisation. With the ability to IP network up to 128 systems to a head-office switch without sacrificing functionality, the CIX40 is also the perfect solution for small branch-offices.

Highly flexible and feature-rich, the CIX40 has capacity for up to; 16 digital extensions, 2 analogue extensions, 16 IP extensions, 3 analogue CO trunks with 4 ISDN2 BRI , or 6 analogue CO trunks.  The telephone’s LCD display makes it easy to access and use key functions through feature prompting that displays simple, clear instructions. Programmable buttons save time by putting key capabilities just a push-button away. Built-in Caller ID helps you decide which calls to accept now, and which to send to voice mail.



Key benefits

• CIX40 is 100% NBN compatible
• The CIX40 contains all of the features and functionality offered by the entire CIX range, providing key features for improving the efficiency of your workforce regardless of your size.
• Features and functions within the the CIX40 allow small companies to project the image of a much larger organisation.
• Unrivalled reliability, ensuring maximum business continuity.
• Flexible configurations allow quick, easy and cost-effective implementation of IP telephony when it’s right for your business.


Fully integrated voicemail solution, dedicated to the CIX40 and including:
Automatic scheduling, allowing calls to be routed to different extensions depending on time-of-day or day-of week.
Call screening, allowing users to know who is calling and either take the call or let voicemail pick-up as appropriate.
One-touch call recording of two-way conversation, ensuring important calls are effectively recorded for future playback.


Multiple personalised greetings on a user-by-user basis, providing a separate message for when you are away from your desk.
Phantom message waiting, allowing multiple users to see when a message has been left in a mailbox, for example, for a sales or technical support mailbox.

Strata CIX40 Brochure