About Us

When we founded ATS, we knew our company had to be different. Not for its own sake: but to be a better company all-round. To give Australian business a fairer deal. To deliver better telecoms technology, and much better service. When ATS was born in 1991, we had high hopes – but we never imagined how far we’d come. And, we never imagined how much good we’d do.

If you’re greying a little, you might remember the way telecoms used to work, before 1991’s deregulation. (It didn’t.) ATS looked around for something completely different to the old way of working: great technology, that felt great to use. After a few years in business, we found the perfect company to provide all our telecoms hardware: Toshiba.

DP 5000s

ATS’ pitch was simple enough: “You’re Toshiba. You’ve enjoyed more than a century at the forefront of communications technology. You’re famous for world-firsts. We’re energetic Aussies: you need us.”

It turns out, Toshiba appreciates partners who love great technology. And, partners who treat their customers, and dealers, like they’re the most important people on earth. (Which you are.) In no time at all, Toshiba awarded ATS exclusive rights to import and distribute its amazing business phone systems. Not just in Australia, but to New Zealand and the entire South Pacific.

It’s a big responsibility. We love it. And every day, we try our hardest to live up to the enduring trust shown by Toshiba, our dealer network, and our business clients. That’s why we add new services and new benefits all the time: like our IP PABX systems, and connecting VoIP lines to Toshiba platforms. And of course: IPedge, Toshiba’s revolutionary busines communications platform.


At ATS, we only believe in one thing: doing better. It’s in our DNA. Just like Toshiba.